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January 14 2019

International Sports Calendar Radikal Darts 2019/2020

Here you have a summary of what awaits you for this new sports season full of competitions for all tastes and a lot of prizes. Go for it!

SEASON 2019/2020


We start the year with strength so we have prepared a new calendar for this season that is loaded with competitions for all types of players, with more than $120,000 in prizes and including 3 Leagues, 5 Championships, 8 Online Tournaments, The Race and all this culminating with the  great face-to-face meeting: THE INTERNATIONAL.

These are the official competitions of Radikal Darts, but there is much more since this will be complemented by the Leagues, Championships and Tournaments that your operators will be generating in the season and that will inform you during the year. In this way, we will put together the best sports offer on the market with a lot of opportunities to get a lot of prizes.


  • Kers League of Couples
  • League of Kers Teams
  • Radikal League Online
  • The Grand Slam
  • The Best Club
  • Summer Ranking
  • Marathon
  • Online tournaments
  • The race
  • National Championship
  • International Championship

Sports Calendar RadikalDarts

Sports Calendar RadikalDarts

Doubles Kers League RadikalDarts

Team Kers League RadikalDarts

Online RadikalDarts League

Team Grand Slam RadikalDarts

Wordl´s Best club  Championship RadikalDarts

Super Ranking  RadikalDarts La Maraton

Online Tournaments RadikalDarts

La Carrera RadikalDarts Championship

The International Tournament  RadikalDarts

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  • International Sport Season 2019-2020

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